Can Being Selfish be Healthy? You bet your soon-to-be smaller butt it can!

How many of you are selfish? I’m going to guess not enough.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the kind of selfish that laughs at the starving wretches in the street as it’s carried by on the shoulders of slaves. I’m not speaking of the type of selfish that makes friends with little elderly people so they can get invited in for a cup of tea and then steal their life savings out of the cookie jar.

I’m speaking of thinking about yourself first, being generous to yourself, giving yourself the gift of a healthier body, making yourself feel good.

This may not be the actual definition of “selfish” but these simple acts of self-love are often translated into the word “selfish” in our own heads. We (those of us with martyr issues) have convinced ourselves that feeling good, feeling happy and taking care of ourselves is somehow selfish.

C’mon, admit it, if you are married or have kids or work in an environment that uses your gifts and talents without much compensation, you may suffer from this notion.

When you don’t take care of yourself, your health suffers.

It’s really simple. YOU have to take care of YOU. You have to make sure you get enough sleep. You have to make sure you eat healthy food. You have to make sure you take time out of the day to exercise YOUR body, and to do things that you simply love to do.

If you have to think of it in terms of others (although taking care of you should be a good enough reason…but I understand…baby steps), think of it this way. If you don’t take care of yourself you cannot effectively take care of anyone else. That means your work will suffer, your kids will suffer, your marriage etc.

The world around us suffers when we don’t care for ourselves.

Here we go ladies – and I’m saying “ladies” just because my gentlemen friends don’t seem to suffer from this problem as much as my lady friends do, interestingly enough.

So here we go ladies, time to ‘fess up. When was the last time you did something solely for yourself? Really, just for you? Maybe you signed up for an art class or a yoga class. Maybe you took yourself for a walk through the apple trees that are in bloom. Maybe you slept in or stayed in bed on a Sunday morning and read a book for a while. Maybe you bought strawberries because you love them. Those kinds of things.

I’m asking because these are the kinds of things that make us truly happy…and when we’re truly happy we tend to take care of ourselves. The more we take care of ourselves the happier we become and so on, and so on, and so on.

Statistically speaking (I’m sure there’s a statistic out there that covers this situation) people who are happy and take care of themselves eat better and exercise more – not because they have to, or because their boyfriend/girlfriend wishes they were skinnier, but because they WANT to take care of themselves. They like themselves and they are their number one priority.

Isn’t it fabulous? I mean, think about it, you can do things you truly want to do that make you happy and you will get healthier in the process.

It’s a win/win for numero uno – You!

Carry On,


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