Are you ready to FINALLY get fit?

my fitness butler book weight loss success story - healthy weight loss If you’re searching for the motivation it takes to lose fat and get fit then you have stumbled upon something that could make all the difference.

If you’re anything like I was, you are trapped. Trapped in a world of overeating, depression and resigning yourself to staying there forever. Trapped in feeling fat, unwanted, unloved and lost to your own terrible health habits. No one to understand, no one to offer you a hand up.

Look no longer, you have found a hand up. My Fitness Butler the weight loss book is a wonderful motivational book that tells a personal story of one woman (me!) losing over 100 pounds with her personal trainer.

My Fitness Butler is available on Amazon.com ($14.95 print version or $2.99 on your Kindle) so you can order it if you’d like to read my personal journey. Check out my Blog for FREE inspiration and weight loss tips. You can sign up with your email for updates or comment when you see something that motivates you. You can join me on Facebook for more conversation or follow me on Twitter for updates!